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Chimney Repair Services in Connecticut

Keep your chimney in excellent condition with our range of construction, installation, maintenance and repair services. We will give you a functional chimney that enables you to maintain indoor temperature at reasonable levels, warming both your family and guests during winter. Our chimney repair services are also designed to prevent your fireplace from becoming a health or fire hazard.  With decades of experience, we have all the skills and resources required to work on all kinds of chimney material including stone, brick, concrete, and stucco.

KLM Concrete Company Chimney Repair Services:

  • Chimney inspections – We’ll solve any hazards and damages before they occur, letting you sleep soundly knowing that your chimney meets the National Fire Protection Association standards

  • Chimney repair and rebuilding – Spend less for lasting results with our rebuilding and repair services

  • Repointing – We reinforce your chimney’s strength and integrity through replacing its decaying mortar with a fresh mix

  • Flue lining – This includes protecting your chimney’s respiratory health and its slow deterioration

  • Chase cover installation – We install a chase cover to ember direct smoke and burning away from your roof.

  • Cap Repair – We are here to prevent snow, rain, debris, and animals from entering your home through your chimney by repairing your chimney cap.

  • Crown Repair – Our experts will get rid of the likelihood of water damage to your chimney through checking for gaps between the flue liner and your chimney edge.

  • Flashing Repair – Our reliable flashing repair services will make your chimney leak-proof


Let us know about your condition, and we will come to show you the ideal solution. Regardless of a project’s scale, we give our clients the best installation, maintenance, and repair services.


We also do:

  • Chimney cleaning

  • Chimney liner installation

  • Clogged chimney repair

  • Commercial chimney venting

Retaining Wall Repair Services in Connecticut

With time, the force of ground movement behind retaining walls can cause the walls to shift, especially if the wall was not well engineered or constructed right from the beginning. This can lead to severe property damage after snowstorms or rains.


KLM Concrete Company has built a solid reputation by offering exceptional retaining wall repair services on problems like:

  • Bowing of the wall

  • Cracks in concrete walls, bricks, and stone walls

  • Deterioration and falling out of brick and stone walls


Regardless of whether you intend to hold some little dirt or a whole mountain, our retaining wall design and repair services will get the job done.

Our retaining wall applications include:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Industrial and retail

  • Municipal waste management

  • Transportation and infrastructure

  • Water and flood control structures

  • Recreation facilities

  • Landscaping

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Should you see any chimney or retaining wall damage signs, seek an expert’s help before the situation worsens. We will schedule a speedy appointment for your site’s complete and thorough inspection, and help you come up with an affordable repair and reconstruction plan for your retaining walls.

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